What are welters Cemetery Villages™?

A welters® Cemetery Village™ is a carefully designed and affordable area within a cemetery that incorporates a multitude of above and below ground full body burial and cremated remains interment and memorial facilities creating the ultimate in customer service options provision.


welters® can achieve this sensitively without the disturbance of existing remains, which allows the cemetery authority to re-use areas of land that are difficult to bury in or do not have the required depth or ground conditions to facilitate traditional earthen burial.

welterImage_003s® Cemetery Villages™ are typically comprised of a combination of burial chamber, mausolea and cremated remains interment and memorial facilities.

They are a process of progression, a new and pragmatic look at old problems, challenging the perception of Local Authority procedures in order to establish positive outcomes with financial viability.

Essentially, installations are mostly carried out within land that could not be utilised for traditional burial.

Culturally embraced, practical, affordable, and environmentally sympathetic.

Cemetery Authorities have an obligation to provide “fit and decent” burial provision if a burial service is being provided.

welters® Cemetery Villages™ can also be created as new build cemeteries but on a larger scale that allows the use of very problematic ground conditions which enables the land selection process to be much wider and varied.

Community Minded

welters® Cemetery Villages™ are an affordable, communal and sustainable municipal public space for the interment and memorialisation of loved ones created with the correct balance of sustainable materials and procedures.

Cemetery Villages™ are designed fundamentally to “promote community through the bereavement process and beyond”. They do this by providing:

Multiple interment and memorial options

Sustainable and affordable structural modular interment cells

The correct balance of architecturally sympathetic decorative stonework

Being ‘Community Facilities’, Cemetery Villages™ are carefully designed not to allow an overpowering or ostentatious look or feel.


Although welters® do carry out large scale installations, Cemetery Villages™ critically are NOT construction projects. Starter schemes are usually low level with subsequent ‘add-on’ installations being phased to grow with the demand.

These specialist and sensitive installation schemes are provided on a fixed pre-agreed unit price to ensure that it is compatible with local burial fees and charges

Culturally acceptable

Cultures across the globe have been carrying out above and below ground burial procedures for thousands of years. It’s not a new idea, welters® have simply made it affordable and relevant to today’s cultural expectations and in full compliance with Burial Law.


Prior to welters® reintroduction of municipal solutions 25 years ago the Victorians utilised the bricking up of graves ‘vaults’ and mausolea/catacombs as procedure for interment. As these procedures were relatively expensive at the time, this was mainly carried out by the wealthy.

welters® have now been able to make these options accessible to all denominations and disposable income brackets through affordable and sustainable materials coupled with our UK based production and site support.


Pre-designed and installed schemes allow the pre-selling of interment facilities. This not only provides families with peace of mind but allows the Authority to secure ‘cash flow’ to ensure the sustainability and on-going investment into future burial provision for the community. The best way to preserve anything is to ensure its financial viability.

welters® also offer the ability to finance these solutions through a range of partnership options, avoiding expensive or nonproductive tiers of professional services and fees.
Environmental credentials

welters® Cemetery Villages™ embrace the best use of land with environmentally sensitive solutions for burial and cremated remains interment. In addition to this, welters® decorative and structural system components are manufactured in our Cumbrian plant using sustainably sourced materials . Our environmental practices include carbon offset tree planting schemes and an active interest in native species protection.

welters® believe that there is no burial crisis in the UK, just misconceptions about the cost and how land can be identified and utilised.