Original products, Original ideas for above and below ground interment and memorial facilities

Mausoleum, burial chambers, memorial systems, cremated remians systems by welters
With nearly thirty years experience, welters® continue to be a prolific and leading designer, manufacturer and provider of new and innovative above and below ground interment and memorial facilities nationwide. Over this time, the company has been establishing designs that are now considered the benchmark of the Industry, and welters® are constantly striving forward with new developments and concepts as they continue to lead, where others can only follow.

Works undertaken by the company includes design and build, cemetery reuse, cemetery extensions, vaults, chambers and mausolea, together with cremated remains facilities and memorial manufacture and installation.


These ongoing developments demonstrate welters® ability to offer bespoke and relevant designs for multi-faith and multi-function service provision schemes.  These schemes are fully supported by their dedicated and specialist on-site interment, inscription and maintenance teams.   These schemes can be part, or fully funded to achieve maximum impact with minimum investment.