Extending the UK’s Burial Provision

Cemetery Village™ schemes typically consist of above and below ground burial systems combined with amenity facilities to create a safe and accessible environment for both visitors and staff.  These schemes are designed to utilise the ‘spare’ land that exists in all cemeteries which for many reasons have been classed as unsuitable for earthen burial.  Similarly, land that has previously been buried in can be reclaimed and brought back into use with no disturbance of the remains therein.

Extending the UK's burial provision

We believe that there is no shortage of burial space in the UK only misconceptions relating to procedures practicalities and cost.  Today we have the ability very straight forwardly to create new burial space in very difficult ground conditions or extend the life of existing cemeteries dramatically whilst increasing service options provision and generating valuable revenue for the service.

2 thoughts on “Extending the UK’s Burial Provision”

  1. Dear sirs, please could you help me identify the nearest “above ground burial site” to my home.
    I live on the boundary of West Midlands / Warwickshire,
    My post code is CV3 2BQ.
    If you are unable to give me an answer, please can you direct me to an organisation / person who may be able to help.
    Thank you, Geoff Barratt.

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