Do you have cemetery land or crematoria sections with onerous maintenance or health and safety financial burdens or land you think full or unsuitable for burial?

welters® are seeking to purchase or lease unused and ‘unusable’ parcels of cemetery land or old unpurchased grave areas within existing cemeteries.

We know from experience that even when cemeteries are ‘closed’ to new burials it is typical to find areas that have never been buried in for one reason or another.

Similarly, there are many unpurchased or ‘common’ grave areas which can readily be recommissioned for use to provide much needed interment opportunities to the cemetery.

'unusable' land can be transformed into meaningful areas for burial

With no “change of use” required from a planning perspective, it could be possible to develop a high-end interment and memorial facility and we would be happy to visit and assess any such areas with a view to developing and managing them under one of our Cemetery Village scheme partner programmes.

Reuse info – Burial Chambers
Burial and Reuse Options guide

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