Cemetery chapel restoration and reactivation

Restoration and reactivation of cemetery chapels and disused buildings for meaningful service

Disused cemetery chapel
Disused cemetery chapel

It is a sad fact that many of our cemeteries and churchyards have, due to infrequent use and rising maintenance costs become dilapidated and unfriendly places to visit.

The buildings contained therein usually require extensive work or are closed and boarded up with little or no funds to make good.

Even when dereliction has set in and disuse effective, it is not too late to find solutions and investment to achieve a balance between recommissioning for original function and the provision of new services and facilities to meet the challenges of “today’’.

old-chapel 2
Disused dilapidated cemetery chapel interior

Redundant Churches, Cemetery Chapels and many other interesting and historic buildings can receive a new lease of life by re-defining their role in serving present day needs.  Effective facilities can emerge in the service of the community.

The demolition of historic buildings, especially churches is quite commonplace.  This tragic reality is almost certainly unnecessary if pre-emptive thought and action is applied.

welters renovation services

Revenue generating schemes can fund restoration and buildings can be saved and made to provide a relevant service, and the environment created will enhance and serve the people of the community.

Reviving disused chapels and other vacant properties within existing local cemeteries and churchyards for the purpose of cremated remains interment creates a viable and valuable asset, not only for the community it serves but also for the burial authority as a long-term revenue stream.

Oak niche chapel interior
welters renovated chapel with oak niche cabinets for cremated remains

welters® experience in joinery and cabinet making spans four generations and this specialist division, founded in 1912 continues today creating high quality crafted memorials and furnishings.

welters® repository niche systems can be installed to compliment existing niche units or create brand new facilities to extend your service to the bereaved.

Whether it be a change of function or rooms or buildings to incorporate niche systems or a purpose built repositoria, welters® can provide for all your needs from the initial consultation through to design, building and installation including full service support for inscriptions, record keeping and maintenance.

Commemorative tablets can be inscribed in various ways or bronze applied lettering can be used.  In this memorial hall tablets are either solid oak, french polished by hand, white marble or tinted glass.

Oak niche chapel interior
Niche fronts are available in a selection of materials

The niches are normally available in two sizes to suit either individual or family requirements and whilst lining is usually standard, customized fitting and lining can be designed and provided by consultation.

All tablets are interchangeable so that the installation management can respond to the requirements of the bereaved or niche grant owners.

welters® have a range of partnership options available including full or part-funded schemes to suit the needs of the client.

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