Construction and Installation of Multi-material Mausoleum

Dear Iain

Iain I am writing to thank you for the work you have just concluded here at the cemetery and the successful installation of our first Mausoleum.

In the first instance may I congratulate Welters on a stunning piece of design work. The finished product has exceeded all expectations and in its short time on location has drawn numerous admirers and created a number of enquiries. Every aspect of the design and finish is so very clearly of the highest quality and every one of us here are delighted.

Secondly Iain, may I take this opportunity to thank both you and your thoroughly professional staff, not only have they completed this task to an exceptional finish, but every step of the way they have been considerate, discreet and totally professional. The work over this past three weeks has at no time interfered with any of the sensitive daily issues we service around the park.

I am sure you are very proud of this success Iain and rightly so, please pass on our sincerest thanks to everyone at Welters involved in this work.

Kindest regards , Cemetery Manager