Have you got any steep banks or generally difficult land to facilitate earthen burials?

welters® can transform your sections into purposeful and affordable revenue generating multi-faith interment and memorial positions of distinction. If you are not able to fund these schemes welters® will be pleased to speak with you about their unique and non onerous partnership programmes. They would also be happy to discuss leasing or purchasing these sections from you.

welters® can install schemes on a fixed unit price basis even in waterlogged land. Their schemes can also reclaim un-purchased grave sections without the disturbance of remains. welters® only use in-house experienced specialist teams on a low level phased installation programme basis, guaranteeing there will be no interruption to your existing burial service. Expensive and disruptive building contracts are not required. Feasibility studies and full visual proposals available on request.

Extending the UK's Interment Provision

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