Grave Reuse Solutions

Reopen Closed Cemeteries, Dramatically Extend The Life Of Existing Cemeteries

welters® burial chamber and mausoleum interment systems are in demand nationally, providing affordable and sustainable solutions for cemeteries with diminishing earthen grave resources. A common application is on land unsuitable for earthen burial or over buried in areas where the Rights of Burial have not been granted. Chambers can be installed without disturbance of any remains and the area can be raised accordingly to create a premium interment facility. Burials can take place immediately in a safe and managed environment. Similarly, mausoleum installations can further extend burial provision with flexible designs to take advantage of previously unusable areas such as narrow or steep embankments or overgrown boundary edges.

welters® 24/7 interment support teams are available to ensure a professional service is maintained at all times.

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