Cremation Colonnade
The entrance to the Colonnade is spanned by a decorative stainless steelPortico of Peace™ arch incorporating doves, leaves and butterflies. Arrangements of cremated remains interment niches are fitted into the brick wall giving the opportunity for tablet inscription. The reflective Tree of Life™ panels add depth and light to the colonnade and Individual doves, leaves and butterflies can be purchased separately and inscribed with a special message. A row of stainless steel keepsake niches are available on each niche arrangement, giving the opportunity for the secure storing of keepsakes and artefacts.

Majestic Cremation Memorials
The Majestic Memorial Mausolea provides
space for 4 welters bespoke cremated
remains caskets. The single granite tablets on the Majestic housings can be interchanged with stainless steel doors if requested. The niche can then be utilised for the secure display of personalised keepsakes.