welters Partnership Programmes deliver results

The company is pleased to announce that two new Local Authorities are now benefitting from welters® Cemetery Village partnership programmes.  As a leading force in the design and installation of innovative burial and memorialisation systems, welters® prides itself on creating viable working partnerships with Local and private Burial Authorities to achieve long term solutions and economic advancement.  Before the advent of our proprietary interment and memorial systems, many local Authorities considered cemeteries to be an unprofitable burden and a drain on resources.  With the introduction of WOW burial chambers, memorial systems and mausolea facilities the fortunes of these cemeteries has been transformed into aesthetic and viable commodities generating real income and enhancing service provision.

welters® have been developing and manufacturing products for a wide variety of purposes for over 30 years in this industry.  By combining traditional skills such as sculpture and art with modern computerised design, the company has established the ability to produce high end results at an extremely competitive output.  Using this marriage of ‘old and new’ the company can create modern design protected and proprietary alternatives to historically high cost processes, delivering low cost products of good design and build.