Covid-19 Statement

Welters Organisation Worldwide (WOW)

As designers, manufacturers and installers of systems and products, WOW have embraced the national and global need resultant upon the pandemic and we have increased our production capability to ensure, wherever possible, that the requirements of existing and emerging customers can be accommodated.

The ever-changing variation to guideline policies, affecting local and international changes and enforcements, ensure that all policies, costs and charges will vary and that we cannot, under any circumstances, do other than submit information as being within our best and reasonable knowledge.

The relationship between our clients and ourselves is of the utmost importance and is an essential part of our customer service.   We have no alternative but to work as best as we are able, and understand to be, within the operational guidelines that are imposed.

Your assistance is therefore paramount to our ability to serve you in the way in which we are sure you would wish.

Many thanks for your understanding during these difficult times for all of us.