New product launch welters® Memorial Orbs

A new innovation in cremated remains interment

welters® are leading the way in developing new and innovative products for the bereaved and their latest range of ‘orb’ memorial niche systems provide a unique choice for interment and commemoration.

welters Memorial Orbs

Keith Welters MD said:

“We wanted to bring something new and original to the industry and our range of memorial orbs offer individuality and an elemental quality that’s very magical. It’s something you don’t get from a standard niche wall or columbarium.”

The memorial orbs are available in granite, stone and wood and are available in four sizes, the largest can accept up to four cremated remains caskets and the smallest is for memorial inscription only.

The sizes are:

• Large Orb – up to four interments
• Medium Orb – up to two interments
• Single Orb – one interment
• Small Orb (solid)

The Cremated Remains are placed in to special caskets which in turn are then placed within the Orb. Each memorial orb comes with a tablet for inscription included and all memorial tablets are high quality polished granite. All inscription requirements can be catered for.

As placing the Cremated Remains within the Orb is not a prerequisite, they can also be used as a traditional memorial monument for Cremated Remains that have been scattered elsewhere.

The orbs are ideally suited for naturalised, woodland and memorial garden areas or private grave placement.

For more information see: Memorial Orbs or visit our You Tube channel

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