Made in Britain

Some say time now for change – is this an obvious joke?

We have been shouting advocacy for the last 30 years over the British essential need to utilise all native and national facilities in the ingenious use and encouragement of resource culture in opposition to the sloppy desire to require and use imported product which will eventually prove catastrophic.

Pursual of this principle will also be the final ‘nail in the coffin’ of all logical procedure and thought process.  

Attention should have, and must now, be given and joyfully pursued in all aspects of self-sufficiency.   Basic food, energy and lifestyle, linked with material usage and employment are all key elements to a satisfactory planetary compliance.

Let us stop immediately ‘the tail wagging the dog’.

Welters continues to ensure that the British environmental solution works successfully amidst the myriad of doubters and vested interest opponents that muster the negative lobbyist.

Welters environmental product installed and today’s happy heron at welters natural parkland where for some, the sun shines with clarity.