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Galloway Heritage Herd

welters® continues to own and develop the Heritage Galloway Herd of single suckle cattle. This magnificent family has a historic pedigree feeds from natural grasses, heathers mosses and water meadow plants. The Galloway is one of the oldest and purest of our native cattle breeds. They are famed for their hardiness and can live off the poorest of land. The Galloway female is the ideal suckler cow and will produce an excellent beefy calf which is in great demand by people requiring the highest quality, natural grown beef. Galloway Cattle have a great deal to offer and will fit into any agricultural system, either a traditional hill farm or low land management plan. Galloway popularity is growing due to the increased interest in British Native breeds and environmental issues.

At the 2009 Royal Highland show, the Galloway breed won all the major trophies including the individual, native interbreed, interbreed and pairs competitions. Never before has one breed dominated all the cattle championships at Scotlands premiere event.